By lodging a debt you agree to these charges and that NZC will utilise Tracking and any District Court enforcement options available. Our Prices may change depending on supplier charges and changes to our service. 

Our costs are split into two categories: Debt Collection and Enforcement.

Debt Collection: Commission 

Enforcement: District Court work, Tracking, administration work, lawyer fees, payout fees and any other charges that are not a commission for Debt Collection. 


25% +GST of money paid by the debtor (Debts above $750)

40% +GST of money paid by the debtor (Debts Below $750)

Cancellation of debt: Full commission or a minimum of $750 depending on the amount of work NCS has done on the file. 

Note: A $5 administration fee is charged each payout. Payouts are made quarterly.
Cancellation of debt: If you wish to cancel the debt lodgement, a $200+gst fee may apply or the full amount of the commission depending on the amount of work we have put into the file.



Our fees are structured to reward you if you pay on time. If you pay late the costs will increase and if you do not pay at all we take this as you have given up on the debt and do not wish to risk any money chasing the debtor. 
NZC will continue to chase the debtor using whatever enforcement options it wishes at the costs of NZC. Because NZC is taking the risk of spending money chasing the debtor, any money collected will first go towards repaying NZC for anything NZC paid for and then will be paid out under a new commission rate.

Basic Tracking

$ Amount added to debt: $23
Paid by client: $23

Payment received AFTER 30 days: NZC take the first $25 collected from the debtor as a late payment penalty so the price effectively increases to $50

Failure to pay: NZC take the first $50 collected from the debtor

Ninja Tracking

$ Amount added to debt: $86.25c
Paid by client: $86.25c

Payment received AFTER 21 days: The commission charged will then change to the below rates: Debts $0 – $750 – 75%+GST | Debts $751+ – 50%+GST

Attachment order

$ Amount added to debt: $200
Paid by client: $80.50c
Paid by NCS: $150

Payment received within 21 days, client receives benefit of $150 worth of Lawyer Fees NZC will cover.

Payment received after 21 days, NZC take first $150 paid back from debtor being the $150 lawyer fee.

Payment received AFTER first payment from debtor obtained through the attachment order, commission changes to 50% and NZC will recieve the first $200 paid towards the debt.

Administration Charges

These charges are due when we need to do administrative work outside what is involved in the typical collection process. A typical collection would not attract any extra administration. Because these charges are typically the fault of the creditors, they are not guaranteed to be added to the debt.

Changing creditor on the file $50+gst

Any other administration is charged at $150 +gst per hour

Choosing to pay invoices for Attachment Orders and/or Tracking by invoice $30 per month, paid by Direct Debit

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